Since forming as a congregation, members have committed a portion of the annual church budget to outreach work by sponsoring projects and programs and through the allocation of funds to help meet the needs of our local community and beyond.

One of our early Outreach projects helped launch the Island Food Pantry that supplies free food to those in need on the island. Members continue to contribute food and to serve as volunteers. Also, over several years, St. Brendan’s acted as a liaison to assist in the transition and transportation of Central American and Haitian immigrants across the border into Canada. One family was supported on the island for several months.

Ongoing projects include members who work with prisoners in the Hancock County Jail and the Maine State Prison offering instruction, support, and correspondence.  Other members are tutoring adults seeking educational help to complete GEDs or to bring their skills in mathematics, reading or writing up to a college level.  These sessions are offered at the church as needed.

Recent projects at St. Brendan's include an effort to address the problem of food scarcity in the area. The Outreach Committee launched a monthly free meal program, Dinner is Served, that served a sit-down meal in the church monthly and deliverd dinner to those homebound. Dinner is Served eventually became an independent community group with many St. Brendanites working as volunteers. Unfortunately it is no longer providing meals.

In 2014, The Outreach Committee sponsored a large fair to raise money for home roofing to help in winterizing homes and to make them more energy efficient and in 2016, in an effort to further address energy efficiency in our community, the Outreach Committee sponsored a Window Dressers Build at the Church in November 2016.   Window Dressers, a non-profit organization helping Maine residents lower heating costs and carbon emissions with the installation of low-cost window inserts. This is a Community Build project offering financial assistance for those in need. The Outreach committee has continued to work with Window Dressers and held another build in 2018.

2018 Window Dresser Build

2018 Window Dresser Build

Windowdressers 1.jpg


The Outreach Committee also contributes to a diverse group of organizations; local, regional, national, and international. Contributions vary according to need. Some of our regular recipients are:

Island Food Pantry, Island Community Center, Island Medical Center, Island Nursing Home, Island Heating Assistance, Ambulance Core, Islanders Against Domestic Abuse

Emmaus House, HOME, Vounteers for Hancock County Jail, Camp Bishopwood, Alfred’s Christmas Fund

Ali Ahli Hospital (Gaza), Guatamala Housing, Immigrant Legal Services and  Partners in World Health, Episcopal Relief and Development

Island Nursing Home Service

Island Nursing Home Service