Education and Spiritual Development

This ministry is committed to offering a variety of practices and programs to enhance our individual spiritual lives as well as our life together in community. The key offering is our practice of silent meditation, meeting every Monday afternoon at 4:30 pm, a practice we began over four years ago.  This is open to the greater peninsula and island community.

The following is a sampling of the ministry’s offerings over the past several years: facilitator presentations and discussions on the Old Testament, the Psalms, the Enneagram, Existentialism and Ethics.   Recent book groups have discussed:

Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Pilgrim Road: A Benedictine Journey Through Lent by Albert Holtz

The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nowen

The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr

The Sabbath by Abraham Heschel

For 2019

A series of three book study and discussion sessions on the works of Thomas Merton is planned for summer 2019. The sessions will meet on June 17th, June 24th and July 1st at 2:30 here at St. Brendan’s. The study and discussion group will focus on a common common text: Love and Living, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and BrotherPatrick Hart, a selection of Merton’s writings on a range of subjects and grounded in his core reality, Love.

Session 1

1. Love and Solitude: There is one solitude in which all persons are at once together and  alone.

 2. Creative Silence: There is a silent self within us whose presence is disturbing precisely because it is so silent: it can’t be spoken.

 Session 2       

Symbolism: Communication or Communion? A true symbol points to the very heart of all being, not to an incident in the flow of becoming.

Session 3

1. Christian Humanism:  The center of Christian humanism is the idea that God is love, not         infinite power.

2.  Rebirth and the New Man in Christianity: The idea of ‘new birth’ is at the very heart of          Christianity ...                                                  

In preparation for the course, Anne has suggested that anyone not familiar with Thomas Merton learn something about his life and work.  There are lots of good resources online.  She also requests that participants arrive at the first session having read the first four essays in Love and Living, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Brother Patrick Hart.  Any questions about the course can be sent to

To learn more about this study of Thomas Merton and to register please click below.