Gratitude Corner


Many thanks for everyone's contributions of time and talent made to enrich St. Brendan's ministries this week: to Judy Miller, Tom and Anne van Buren, Diane Greenlaw and everyone else who helped to host our coffee hour and H.O.M.E. craft fair last Sunday and helped with set up and clean up, for Jo who did the flowers; for the wonderful music provided by Connie, Alan Flowers, and Tom van Buren; to Pastor Elaine Hewes for her amazing sermon (see link below) and to all of you who have been able to make your Pledge in support of next year's budget.

Submitted in the Gratitude Book:

I am grateful to the people behind the scenes, especially those in the kitchen! Beautiful weather in September on Deer Isle.

Submitted by Mickey:

What was she doing when last you saw her? Singing in the choir? Serving up cake? Sending out the e-newsletter? Helping her grandchildren light candles and carry the cross? She is everywhere, a faithful, devoted servant to us all, and her contributions to St. Brendan's extend far beyond the walls of the building. How many of our congregation have enjoyed evenings of oven-fired pizza, wine, and conversation in her home?

Unlike her biblical namesake, I have never witnessed her with a tambourine dancing, but her presence is a dance of joy and love. For all she does and is, St. Brendan's sends to Miriam Antich our deepest Gratitude and Appreciation.

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