Pastoral Care offers a friendship that seeks to “walk with you along your path” with emotional support and spiritual care. In other words we “Re-present” Christ to one another. Think in terms of the Journey to Emmaus. Pastoral Care givers offer protection, tend to emotional needs, strengthen the weak, encourage the weary, pray with the dying, and comfort the grieving. This work is done with the agreement of those in need and demands sensitivity and confidentiality.

Pastoral Care is based on an ancient model of emotional and spiritual support found in all cultures and traditions. Although many regard Pastoral Care as the the responsibility of ordained clergy, in small parishes such as St. Brendan’s, it is frequently done with the help of parishioners. Members of St. Brendan’s already practice this kind of Pastoral Care informally.

If you are interested in this work, watch the weekly newsletter, The Navigator, or contact :

Carolyn Mor( cmor222@gmail.com) or 

Diane Greenlaw (dianegreenlaw145@gmail.com)


St Brendan's pastoral care ministry is available to help offer prayers and support in time of need.  Please reach out and let us know if you or someone you know would like to be included on the prayer list, have a Eucharistic visit after church on Sunday, or need any help with transportation or meals during difficult times.  Many of us want to offer help to others, but are uncomfortable asking for such help for ourselves.  It is a blessing for all of us in our community when we can share both good times and difficult times.  Please let us know if there is a need.

Diane Greenlaw (dianegreenlaw145@gmail.com)


The Pastoral Care Ministry maintains a Prayer List.  Please look for it each week in the Navigator and Sunday Bulletin. If you have any ADDITIONS or SUBTRACTIONS,  email office@stbrendans-me.org or mantichino@gmail.com.

Eucharistic Visitor

For those unable to attend the Sunday Worship it is possible to request that a Eucharistic Visitor come and bring you Communion.  Please contact Diane Greenlaw (dianegreenlaw145@gmail.com) to request a Eucharistic Visit. 


Additional Resources Available

Healthy Peninsula Community Resource Guide

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 Welcome readers to St. Brendan’s on-line parish discussion on FORGIVENESS.  I want to start with a note of appreciation to The Rev. Edward Dufresne for providing the inspiration for this effort with his moving and informative sermon on Sunday, Sept 3, 2016.  In the discussion on Dietrich Bonhoeffer following the service one of the questions  Pastor Dufresne asked was:

 “Do you feel you have the power to forgive in the name of Jesus?”

I think that this is a most provocative way to begin our discussion. 

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