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Thomas Merton Book Study

Session 3 – Read the essays Christian Humanism and Rebirth and the New Man in Christianity.

1. Christian Humanism:  The center of Christian humanism is the idea that God is love, not infinite power.

2.Rebirth and the New Man in Christianity: The idea of ‘new birth’ is at the very heart of Christianity ...

Thomas Merton, 1915-2018, bearer of many labels: Mystic, Social Activist, Teacher, Poet, Painter, Photographer, Prophet, Scholar,  Diarist, Rebel, Hermit, Catholic, Contemplative, Christian Existentialist. Now, more than a century since his birth and months past the 50th anniversary of his death, people of diverse backgrounds and traditions continue to seek his wisdom. As the labels suggest, his legacy affords many avenues of approach. 

Saint Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church proposes a book study and discussion group to focus on a common text: Love and Living, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Brother Patrick Hart, a selection of Merton’s writings on a range of subjects and grounded in his core reality, Love.

Anne Cushman, former Deer Isle resident and long-time student of Merton, will select the readings and facilitate discussions. Interests and needs of participants will help to shape conversations.