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Discussion of Selected Readings of Hegel on Philosophy of Religion

The discussion will be facilatated by Dr. Peter Antich, visiting Assistant Professor or Phiosophy at Trinity College.

He has sent this information on the readings:

Click below for a complete PDF with my introductory notes for the reading group. The reading is tough, but don't feel like you need to have a perfect grasp of what Hegel says in every sentence. Just try to identify some key points and develop some questions. Also, this is the kind of text that can be helpful to read multiple times (e.g., you could do a quick read through to get your bearings, and then a more thorough read through for deeper understanding).

Introductory Notes for Hegel Reading Group

Selections from Hegel’s Lectures on the Phiosophy of Religion

That said, because it's a difficult reading, I've set up a Google Doc for you to post any questions you are getting stuck on as you read (if you find a word that you just don't understand how Hegel is using it, or something like that). I'll try to check every few days, and hopefully you'll be willing to help each other out as well. There's no need to use it, but we'll have a much better meeting in August if we can work out some of the questions about what Hegel means beforehand. Here's a link to the Google Doc:

I am looking forward to our discussion!

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