Nothing New with Salt and Pepper

Freedom supports diversity, as differences nourish freedom

Complexity engages mixtures, such as salt and pepper seasonings

Containing good and bad, strong and weak, or just

Good, better and best, or bad, worse and worst – each unique

Common good asks us to discern an optimal balance in mixtures

Of loves, wants, needs, values, dislikes, fears and hates

With subtle questions of sustainability and limits

All points wrestle for full consideration when people make decisions

Freedom involves choices, to act or do nothing,

Talk or listen, deplore, ignore or explore differences

Blame or influence others, compel or collaborate with them

Focus on defects or appreciate the robust flavors of people

Sustainable freedom calls for the responsibility of wisdom

To hear the small voices among the loud clamoring

To recognize and appreciate the polarities from a range of possible ideas

On a joined journey to face obstacles and agree on solutions

Why is this so hard for me, and you, to be constructive role models?

Must we always be right or hold on to only what is or what we know?

Could we be more flexible at the boundaries of our desired relationships

To find the Peace in optimal balances of mixed interests?

Could it be that we are called to share, by the One to Whom we all belong,

To affirm the innate goodness of each other, be we salt or pepper?

Peter W. Tarlton Sweet Speed Lane, Deer Isle, Maine July 22, 2019