Life is full of vectors

Paths forward through possibilities

Consciously claimed by one’s interests and talents

While fissures grow among unconscious domains.

Who we “are” can become as fixed

As a glacier’s ability to change and grow,

With deep crevasses of alluring blue

Leading to depths of utter Darkness.

Dare we descend? Are we really “done”,

Knowing the surface topography we have “mastered”?

Will the itch of Shadow questions scratch us,

Or reveal the outlines of interior mystery?

Not a journey for the meek,

Yet The Call of lived blessings beckons.

The Guiding Hand outstretches,

Secretly promising some unknown better.

A taproot of courage is released,

Teased by fractals of en-Light-ening,

Pulling deeper through doubt while

Trusting the hidden Companionship.

Holy Photons carve new boundaries in the bleak obsidian,

Exposing where All is connected,

While Heat transforms rigid cold into Living Water,

Moving us slowly toward vibrant Wholeness.

We “know” yet again, with newly felt authenticity.

The trails of Grace from before, directly connect to our Souls,

To clearly show us how our gratitude is already Divine,

Children of God, Then and more dearly Now.

Peter Wheelock Tarlton

New Castle, New Hampshire

December 29, 2013