St. Brendan’s Search Committee

Almighty God, giver of every good gift, look graciously on the people of St. Brendan's and guide our hearts and minds as we seek to discern your will for our future and seek to be drawn closer to you.  Amen.

Search Committee Update - March 7, 2019

Canon to the Ordinary Michael Ambler will be visiting St. Brendan's March 31st, serving as celebrant that day and formally commissioning our Search Committee.     

A parish meeting will follow the service to discuss the overall search process and the series of questions that will be shared with the parish for responses which will become part of St. Brendan's Office of Transition Portfolio.

Search Committee Report - February 28, 2019

The search committee has already begun meeting.  With the help of magical modern technology Martha Dane, Luke Williams, Barbara Kourajian, Bill Scaife, Judy Miller and Curtis Flowers are working under the guidance of Canon to the Ordinary Michael Ambler who is the head of the Office of Transition Ministries or OTM.   

After organization and task setting the diocesan guidelines for the search process direct us to prepare a portfolio that will tell prospective clergy  about St. Brendan’s.   This is a task not just for the committee, but for the parish as a whole.  In order to accomplish it Canon Ambler will come for a parish meeting.  He’ll explain the overall process and enable us to address a list of pertinent questions that will have been sent out ahead of time. With congregational responses in hand the committee will prepare our St. Brendan’s  Portfolio. 

Both the e-newsletter and the St. Brendan’s website also will serve the process by giving regular updates to the congregation and providing a public online face of our parish for anyone interested. 

So watch this space.  We’ll be keeping you posted.

Vestry Appoints Search Committee:

In keeping with Resolution #5 of the Renewal Plan, and with a sufficient pledge     goal met, the Vestry is pleased to announce formation of a Search Committee to discern a new priestly presence for St. Brendan's.   

Search Committee Members are:

                            Martha Dane

                            Curtis Flowers

                            Barbara Kourajian

                            Judy Miller

                            Bill Scaife

                            Luke Williams

                           Alternate (in the event a member becomes unable to serve):

                           Tom van Buren 

Criteria used to form the committee were the following: 

  • Representative of Parish make-up 

  • Invitations extended to those not having the opportunity to serve on prior St. Brendan search committee

  • Collaborative/team players: good listeners open to diverging views

  • Organizational and leadership skills

  • Respectful/mindful of the importance of maintaining confidentiality

In making the appointments, the Vestry shared its 'charge' to the Committee, outlining several points and expectations, including regular communication with the congregation through this newsletter, the web site, Sunday bulletins and announcements.  The Committee will be working closely with the Canon of the Diocese and Office of Transition Ministry in developing a plan to move forward.  This will include an open and transparent process with members of the Parish to provide answers to a series of questions which will then serve to guide our discernment.    

A special Commissioning service for members of the Search Committee is being planned for the near future by the Worship Ministry.

Please join the Vestry in thanking these Committee Members for serving such an important and vital role in moving the Parish of St. Brendan's forward.