Meditation/ Centering Prayer


Several years ago, Anne Cushman, Patricia Donahue and Barbara Wright started a weekly meditation and silent prayer session on Monday afternoons. Miriam assumed responsibility for it the following summer. I had never previously participated in meditation, but something drew me to the idea, and I eventually joined in.  

Now it's become my responsibility to keep it going in the winter months, when Miriam is back in Texas. The sessions are reasonably well attended in the summer, but in the winter attendance drops off and, not infrequently, I find myself alone. I don't mind that, but I also feel that more of us could benefit from a quiet time to simply ponder and try to empty the brain of various distracting thoughts. I also think this time could afford a wonderful opportunity for the sharing of thoughts and reflections. Miriam and I have developed a collection of prayers and reflections including, of course, our own Prayer of St. Brendan. But with more of us in attendance, this part of the sessions could, I think, be greatly enriched. 

I recently returned to my old home town of Washington, DC to attend the funeral of one of my dearest friends. On my return, sitting alone in the sanctuary waiting for our meditation session to start, I found myself composing the thoughts that are set forth below. Since I am by no means the only one of us situated at this time of life, it was suggested that they be inserted in the Navigator and Blog. 

In any event, I encourage those of you who feel drawn join us on Monday afternoon at 4:30. And I especially encourage those of you who, like my past self, do not feel so drawn, to join us. I am quite confident that you will find it rewarding. 

Woody Osborne 


Returning from the funeral of a dear old friend, a friend who helped me navigate a very difficult time, leaves me wondering:

Now 80, 

How can I best live my remaining years?

Is there anything I must do?

Or is my best alternative simply to remain open and receptive?

To keep up as best I can with family and old friends?

To be open and kind to those around me?

To tend as best I can to the chores that present themselves?

And to accept my somewhat diminished energy with a bit of grace?


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